The company has a professional consultancy team experienced at handling rental disputes and repossession cases. The consultancy team have more than 10 years of experience in this field before the establishment of the company and are able to provide owners with a one-on-one personal service, helping owners to deal with rental disputes, recover property quickly and effectively, minimise losses, avoid complex legal procedures and save valuable time.

We also provide a one-stop property management service with a professional and honest service attitude. We deal with all rental matters on behalf of the owner, saving the valuable time of the owner, even if the owner has emigrated overseas.

We are pioneers in providing a lease dispute search service in Hong Kong, collectively referred to as “TRS”, to facilitate the review of a tenant’s past tenancy disputes for owners looking to lease their property. TRS will completely change the tenant screening process for most owners or estate agents so that you can better understand the tenants’ past leasing background. For example, when a candidate is identified as a potential trouble tenant, the owner’s risk can be immediately reduced. Use of TRS helps eliminate any guesswork by use of the best information about tenants so that important and informed decisions regarding property can be made quickly.