“NW Club”
The Company has established “NW Club” as a service for all Hong Kong property owners. All property owners can become “NW Club” member for free. Members can discuss with each other about rent-less repossession and rental disputes through our platform And other cases, exchange views. Members are welcome to provide tenants blacklist (such as rent tyrants, occupiers tenants, tenants and other troubles) and the relevant information to the Company, and all the list and information must be reviewed by our company, so that we can provide better service to all Hong Kong owner.

Member Exclusive Rights:

Free to use the Company’s “Tenant Rental Search” service once
Use the “Tenant Rental Search” to search, enjoy half-price concessions.
By using our company’s repossession services and property management, enjoy a special discount.
Regularly notify each member of the important information on the latest rental and real estate.
Organize different types of events, so that all members can communicate with each other and unite members to safeguard the interests and rights of owners

How to become “NW Club” member”?

For details, please refer to the method of registering members of “Tenant Rental Search” in this website. After registering the relevant personal information for the first time, you can formally become a member after we have verified the relevant information through our company.