In the past 10 years, high property price, rising rents, “rental hegemony” emerge and they are getting younger, it has lead to high arrears in rent. Thank you for our property owner’s support and valuable advice. For more than 10 years, we have created “Tenant Rental Search” which records the detail of tenant information such as rent tyrants, trouble tenants and arrears of tenancies. the purpose of “Tenant Rental Search” is to ease for the owners to check the background of the tenant whether there are tental disputes, so that owners can be more relieve to offer property and collect rent. As a real estate agent, we will prioritize our property owner’s interest. Though our company’s the Hong Kong first “Tenant Rental Search” , real estate agent can search for the tenant’s background quickly and provide additional quality services to owners. It may help to increase the level of competitiveness of the real estate agent. The launch of “Tenant Rental Search” completely changed the perspective of all owners and property agent to choose tenant and gain the owner’s trust to the real estate agents.

Our company as the first provider of “Tenant Rental Search” in Hong Kong, we are proud to introduct our small and medium-sized real esate agency union. As the real esate agent of company member, they will enjoy our preferential services and free publicity. We also regularly hold real estate alliances event and meeting for real estate agent to obtain more rental information in different districts and exchange views with each other through our platform. The productivity of different districts operation can be enchanced and increase mutual trust and lead to a win- win situation for each other.