The company has a professional consultancy team experienced at handling rental disputes and repossession cases. The consultants each have more than 10 years of experience in this field before the establishment of the company and are able to provide owners with a one-on-one personal service, helping owners to deal with rental disputes, recover property quickly and effectively, minimise losses, avoid complex legal procedures and save valuable time.

Should the owner encounter unwanted tenants e.g. tenants who have rent arrears, tenants who do not pay rent on time and so on, the company can be entrusted to recover the property rapidly.

The company provides a free consultation service and you will only be charged upon formal entrustment of our property repossession service.

● Property repossession with rent arrears

If the tenant has rent in arrears, the company will apply to the Lands Tribunal for the repossession of the property on behalf of the owner and keep the owner informed of the repossession situation.

● Property repossession upon tenancy contract expiration

The company has a professional consultancy team and practicing lawyers who can issue a notice or solicitor’s letter to the tenant on behalf of the owner or apply to the Lands Tribunal for property repossession where the tenant fails to return the property after the expiration of the tenancy contract.

● Property repossession for self-occupation

If the owner requires the property for self-occupation after the expiration of the lease, the company may take back the property on behalf of the owner.

Clients who use the company’s property management service will be entitled to discounts if they use the property repossession service.


(1) If rates and management fees are to be charged from the tenant, the relevant items will be calculated together with the rent.

(2) In addition to the one-off charges mentioned above, all other relevant court fees shall be reimbursed by the owner to the company as incurred.

New Wealth International Property Ltd reserves the right to amend these charges at any time. In the event of any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision.