1. What is TRS?

● TRS is a database convenient for the landlord to search prospective tenants to check for past rental disputes prior to renting out the property

● It contains detailed records of all residential and commercial property disputes; for example property repossession for rent in arrears, end of lease, self-occupation, etc

● The database records cover from 2003 to date, as well as daily updates


2. How can the service assist owners to screen tenants and analyse potential risks?

● It can help you know about the lease history of existing or potential tenants

● You will be able to analyse potential problematic tenants to reduce the risks when renting your properties out

● It eliminates any guesswork and helps you to better understand tenant backgrounds


3. How can I obtain the TRS reports?

● After registering your account with us, you will be able to search for the target individual tenants or corporate tenants from the database

● The database platform operates in 24 hours. The search process is simple and easy to use

● Log into the search function, follow the steps and you will immediately get the report


4. What are the available TRS memberships?

● Types of membership include non-member, TRS Membership and Company Membership. Search fees depend on the type of membership and TRS and Company memberships will enjoy more favourable rates.


5. How can I change or suspend my company membership monthly plan?

● If you wish to change the monthly plan or suspend the service, please email us or call Customer Services. It normally takes one business day to process.


6. Why does the TRS report show no result?

● If there is no case record for the search target in the TRS Database, it will show no result.


7. How will I receive the report?

● You will immediately have access to the report once a search on the target is performed and the report will also be automatically sent to your registered e-mail address. If you have not received the e-mail, please contact us for follow-up.


8. Do we need to pay for upgrading to “NW Club” member/company member ?

● Upgrading memberships are free as long as the registration information accurately provided has been reviewed and approved. Thereafter, you can perform searches at a more favourable rate.


9. How can I change or suspend subscriptions?

● After subscribing as company member, if you want to change or suspend existing subscription plan, please contact us by telephone or by email, and the process takes 1 working day.


10. What if there is a problem in the process of using TRS?

● Please contact our customer service.


Say ‘No’ to unwelcomed tenants, minimise the risks with TRS